Enterprise Communications Strategy 

All organizations – large and small, private or public, profit and not-for-profit – should have a communications plan. A good communications plan, or strategy, doesn’t have to be complex – it should be appropriate for the size and scope of the organizations itself - but it needs to reflect its operating objectives, understand its audiences and outline a clear narrative.

I work with business leaders to help create, or revise, an organization’s communications strategy to reflect its business priorities, audiences, competitive landscape, differentiators and messaging. 

Communications Audit

A communications strategy should not be a static document. It needs to evolve over time, reflect changing business priorities, environmental risks and opportunities, audience groups and even evolving communications vehicles. 

The value of undertaking a communications audit for your organization allows you to evaluate your communications and marketing efforts and ROI, and make revisions. Communications audits can cover both internal and external communications tactics and results.  

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